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Areas of Expertise

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Protecting Your Ability to Provide

When your business is involved in a legal dispute, everything is on the line.  Your business is your means of providing for yourself and your family.  With decades of business experience, I bring a pragmatic and creative approach to business dispute resolution.


Telling Your Side

When a marriage ends, it is always painful, but when the person who used to love you the most tries to use your own children to hurt you, you need a professional on your side.  The goal in any divorce matter should be a quick resolution, so that all parties can get on with their lives and maintain as much of a positive relationship as possible, for the good of the children.

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Proven Success

Through prior experience working in the Prosecutor's office, I have learned how to work with prosecutors to achieve a favorable settlement, or how to take a case to trial and win, when necessary.

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"I was very impressed by Kit Erickson's help and guidance through the divorce process.  He made it so simple and easy for me, especially while I was in a rough spot emotionally.  What seemed like a daunting process became much quicker and calmer with his help.  He made sure I was always informed every step of the way and I always felt like I was in competent hands.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal representation in the future!" 


"Kit is so wonderful to work with!
I wish I had met him 10 years ago; my life would be so different!"


"Look no further, this is your guy! I have been able to work with Kit off and on over the last couple years. And during that time, I can truly only say positive things about him, his work product, and his code of ethics. He's provided me with sound advice, direction, and helped me see the endgame goal with my situation. I value his attention to detail and willingness to take the time to explain. He has always been there for me and will go the extra mile to ensure your case is taken care of. I would highly recommend anyone that is needing legal advice or representation to work with Kit."

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Striving to Be the Best Lawyer for You

In the intricate and often challenging world of law, finding the right attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your legal matters. At Raposa Law, we recognize the significance of this decision, and we are dedicated to being your trusted legal ally throughout every step of your legal journey. We combine expertise, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to your case's success. Specializing in Family and Divorce Law, as well as Business Litigation, we are prepared to address your unique legal needs.

Navigating family and divorce matters can be an emotionally charged and intricate process. Our specialization in Family and Divorce Law equips us to handle a wide spectrum of cases, ranging from child custody and support to property division and alimony. We approach each case with sensitivity, always striving to find amicable resolutions whenever possible, while simultaneously advocating for your rights with unwavering determination when the situation demands it.

Focus on Family Law and Divorce 

Listening: Our Unique Approach

Effective legal representation hinges on the art of listening. We firmly believe that to provide tailored legal solutions, we must first understand your story, your concerns, and your objectives. Our attorneys are committed to truly hearing you. We appreciate that every case is distinctive, and by taking the time to listen attentively, we can formulate strategies that align with your specific requirements.

We understand that selecting the right attorney is a pivotal decision. To assist you in making an informed choice, we offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory session. During this consultation, you'll have the opportunity to discuss the details of your case, ask questions, and acquaint yourself with our legal team. This session serves as a chance for us to grasp your needs and for you to evaluate if we are the right fit for your legal requirements.

Free 30-Minute Strategy Session

Expertise in Business Litigation

You are good at running your business, but sometimes things occur that are beyond your control. These unexpected circumstances can potentially jeopardize the livelihood of your enterprise. Our expertise in Business Litigation positions us to address these issues with precision and strategic thinking. Whether you're grappling with contract disputes, partnership conflicts, or other business-related legal matters, our team possesses the experience and acumen necessary to protect your interests and guide you toward a favorable resolution.

Conveniently located in Draper, Utah, we are proud to serve clients not only in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, but also in Salt Lake City (SLC) and the surrounding areas. Our local expertise, combined with a commitment to excellence, positions us as a reliable choice for individuals and businesses seeking legal guidance within the region.

Serving Utah County and Beyond

Affordable Lawyer Retainers

We acknowledge that concerns about legal fees can add stress to an already challenging situation. That's why we offer flexible and competitive lawyer retainer options. Our aim is to collaborate with you to establish a fee structure that aligns with your budget while meeting your specific legal needs.

Your legal journey commences with a conversation. We extend an invitation for you to schedule your attorney free consultation with us today, taking the initial step towards resolving your legal matters with confidence. To arrange your introductory session, please contact us at [Your Contact Information]. Let's embark on this legal journey together and explore how we can be the best lawyer for you, addressing your unique needs and concerns with professionalism, empathy, and legal expertise.

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