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Our Unique Promise


My name is Kit Erickson

I own Raposa Law and love practicing as an attorney.

Many things set my company apart from others;

we go above and beyond for clients.

Law Firm

I provide peace of mind

When faced with complicated and controversial situations, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed. This is especially true when dealing with heavy-handed individuals or navigating complex legal jargon. However, as your attorney, my goal is to put you at ease. Rather than intimidating you, I aim to listen to your perspective, understand your desired outcome, and use the law to achieve it. You have the right to have your voice heard and your rights protected, and that's precisely what I'll do. Whether you're seeking a peaceful resolution or a fierce advocate to fight on your behalf, I'm here to help. As your attorney, I take on the responsibility of absorbing the stress of these situations, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life. By working together, we can work towards your desired end while alleviating the weight and worry of these complex matters.


Clear communication is crucial when it comes to any legal action you may want to take. Unfortunately, many people have experienced a lack of communication from their prior attorneys - which is a complaint I hear all too often! 

However, as your attorney, I make it a point to prioritize your questions and concerns. I want to ensure that you understand each step I take on your behalf and the possible outcomes. Maintaining open communication with my clients is something I take pride in, which means you can expect prompt responses to emails and calls.

The matter you're entrusting to an attorney is likely serious and significant to you. It may involve your family, finances, or even your freedom. Therefore, it's essential that you feel comfortable approaching me with any questions or concerns you may have. I want to be an ally in your legal action, and I understand that trust is a critical component of our relationship.



My approach to working with you is rooted in honesty and integrity. As your attorney, it's my responsibility to provide you with the truth about your situation and any potential outcomes. If I'm not the best person to represent you, I'll be upfront about that and encourage you to seek other counsel. I believe in charging a fair and reasonable rate for my services, without any hidden fees. My motivation for being a lawyer isn't to accumulate wealth or personal assets like a boat or summer home. Instead, I'm here to help you navigate a difficult situation and use my legal knowledge to benefit you in achieving a successful outcome.

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