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About Raposa Law

Founded by Kit Erickson, Raposa Law strives to give honest counsel to those seeking aid with business litigation and divorce law.



I've always had a passion for the law and using it to advocate for those whose perspectives are often underrepresented. I strongly believe that gaining a better understanding of all sides involved in a situation leads to better decision-making. 


During law school, I focused on litigation, criminal law, and family law, earning a litigation certificate and receiving the CALI award for Criminal Procedure as the top student in the class. I completed internships with the US Department of Justice, a federal prosecutor's office, a Utah district court judge, and the West Valley City Prosecutor’s office. After law school, I worked for a family law attorney, assisting with divorce and child custody disputes.


​In my free time, I love to travel and have even learned four languages to better connect with people in other countries. I'm currently working on learning German as my fifth language. When I'm at home, I enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, skiing, and gardening, as well as spending time with my wife and children.        

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